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How It Works

Assured Telematics Inc. makes modern fleet management easy.

We provide custom tailored GPS tracking solutions that collect, manage and report all the data you need to make smarter fleet management decisions. From location to engine status, Assured Telematics Inc. simplifies it all!
How It Works

Featured Apps

Yellow Penske app icon with logo and yellow bkg

Penske Collaboration for IFTA Reporting

Through a collaboration with Penske, Assured Telematics Inc. has created an app designed to better understand and sort mileage information for IFTA reporting. With Assured Telematics Inc.’s newest app, state mileage information is pushed straight to Penske for IFTA reporting, eliminating risks and simplifying the process of staying compliant. Soon, Assured Telematics Inc. will also be able to push Vehicle Inspection “Defect” Data to Penske so that they can schedule vehicle servicing.

geotab big datasets app icon

Geotab Big Datasets

Imagine having access to powerful information from thousands of vehicles traveling across the globe every day – information that provides you with the capability to make data-driven decisions with every turn. With the collection of real-time and historical data consisting of two billion daily records, Geotab and Assured Telematics Inc. are providing you with the power of insight from a global sensor network of vehicles.

ATI route Tracker App Icon

myFleetApps Route Monitor

myFleetApps Route Monitor enables customers to provide a set schedule of routes organized by day of the week, along with expected arrival and departure times within Geotab zones, via Excel/CSV files. myFleetAppsRoute Monitor processes these routes and monitors the real-time activity of the fleet in Geotab before automatically assigning or matching vehicles/drivers to each route or multiple routes based on the vehicles travel patterns.

ati training app icon


Deliver Support and Training when and where it’s needed with our myFleetApps-Trainer App Available for Android and iOS, this mobile app empowers Fleet managers with all the tools and content to on-board and support drivers in the field. Provide a searchable library of video and quick guides, as well as the ability to push just the needed content directly to a driver’s device to keep them rolling.

mentor app icon


Designed in conjunction with industry analytics leader FICO®, the Mentor℠ by eDriving app provides driver behavior statistics and training all in one consolidated solution. This solution is perfect for fleet managers hoping to improve driver safety as well as families looking to provide sophisticated training for young drivers.

Cyan Pickup and Delivery app icon

Cyan Pickup & Delivery

Cyan Pickup & Delivery is a feature-rich solution designed to automate common driver tasks to ensure accurate, on-time, and error-free pickups, deliveries, and returns. The powerful and easy-to-use application enables drivers to complete tasks electronically including the ability to capture proof of delivery signatures, documentation, and process OSD exceptions and returns.

Best Sellers

maps bi app icon

Maps BI

Your assets on the map

Maps BI

Helps fleet managers process location-based data through visualization, letting users develop a spatial understanding of their data.
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fuel bi app icon

Fuel BI

Keep your eye on the needle

Fuel BI

Integrates information between telematics and fuel card provider, to give complete visibility on how fuel cards are being used to better track fuel expenses.
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odometer reader app icon

Odometer Reader

Your milage in real-time

Odometer Reader

Determines which vehicles are properly reading the odometer from the ECM, identifying out mechanical and other faults.
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repairs bi app icon

Repairs BI

Stay ahead of your repairs

Repairs BI

Monitors vehicle fault codes and engine data for proactive repairs and maintenance across your entire fleet.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We can do zone mapping, look at vehicles while on the road, inspect maintenance codes and get automatic alerts on unit conditions. This allows us to make sure vehicles are running at optimum levels. We are a leader in our industry, and we are actively changing our culture. Technology will continue to allow us to measure our efficiency improvements.”
Tim Fitzgerald, Director of Fleet Management, DC Water
“An upgrade in the company’s telematics system has helped conserve fuel and dispatch vehicles more quickly and effectively when driver positions can be seen accurately in real time. Now we can see where the crews are and who’s the closest. It’s making our drivers much more efficient!”
Gary Tucker, Director of Fleet Operations, Xcel Energy
“We have been extremely impressed with the high quality of both service and data that the myFleetApps team has provided for our company.”
Gary A. Nesbit, Director of Risk Management, Advance Auto Parts