Business Intelligence Apps

Giving Fleet Managers The Information They Need To Drive Their Business

Assured Telematics Inc. provides business Intelligence apps designed to give fleet managers quality insight to make informed management decisions. Many day-to-day logistical decisions have significant cost and efficiency implications. Business Intelligence is a suite of apps unique to Assured Telematics Inc. that helps our customers solve difficult and costly problems by providing the data that lets business decisions be made with confidence.

myFleetApps Route Monitor

Monitors real-time fleet activity and automatically assigns matching vehicles/drivers to each route(s) based on vehicle travel patterns.

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fuel bi app icon

Fuel BI

Integrates information between telematics and fuel card provider to give complete visibility on how fuel cards are being used to better track fuel expenses.

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Maps BI

Helps fleet managers process location-based data through visualization, letting users develop a spatial understanding of their data.

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Risk BI

Applies nationally recognized risk management behavior and coaching tactics to fleet practices. Drivers and Supervisors have access to the Driver Score Cards.

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IFTA FTP (including Idealease):

Automatically export your IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) information to any FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server for further processing and calculation. 

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Repairs BI

Monitor vehicle fault codes and engine data for proactive repairs and scheduled maintenance across your entire fleet.  Manage your fleet maintenance with easy controls and quick email or text notices to vehicles in need of service. Reduce down-time and save on inspection costs. 

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oncommand navistar app icon

OnCommand (by Navistar)

Collects diagnostics designed to improve vehicle uptime, total cost of ownership, and overall process flow.

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Maximize your ROI by bringing all your telemetry data into IBM Websphere Enterprise Service Bus using MQTT.

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Dispatch BI

Easily upload daily route plans and download daily route statistics along with business information such as work orders to help the dispatch team track and plan with confidence. Notifies customers when your service vehicle is within a set range of the service address. 

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Route Safety IQ App Icon

Route Safety IQ

Route Safety IQ is the best and easiest way to calculate your fleet’s driving risk and find out the driving safety score your insurer may use to price your fleet’s insurance policy. Using RSIQ can get you on the road to improving fleet safety, reducing driving risk and lowering your overall insurance costs.

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How It Works

Our telematic expansion apps integrate directly with our vehicle tracking devices. By using a open software platform combined with dependable GPS tracking hardware, we are able to build customized solutions that cover your fleets needs on a modular basis. With seamless back-office integration, simplified data reporting and a wide variety of expansion options, our goal is to help you manage your fleet in the most effective and convenient way possible.

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