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Cyan Pickup & Delivery

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Automate driver tasks to ensure accurate, on-time and error-free pickups, deliveries and returns.

About The App

Customer Service is a top priority. Automating and optimizing your processes will enable you to better serve your customers, increase productivity, lower your operating costs, and increase margins.

Cyan Pickup & Delivery is a comprehensive, feature-rich mobile supply chain product designed to streamline your operations by automating common driver tasks to ensure accurate, on-time and error-free pickups, deliveries and returns. The powerful and easy-to-use application enables drivers to complete tasks electronically including the ability to capture proof of delivery documentation and process OSD exceptions and returns.

With Pickup & Delivery in the hands of your team, your supply chain operations can eliminate paperwork and increase productivity through automated and optimized processes. Real-time visibility provides back office management of pickup and delivery operations ensuring disputes are minimized and receivables are accelerated.

Key Features:

SaaS-based product for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

Dispatch of pickups, deliveries and returns

Visually verify order through list or optional bar code scanning

Exception, OS&D and returns processing

Complete proof-of-delivery documentation including electronic signature capture, notes, pictures, and documents

Arrival and departure confirmation with GPS, date, and timestamps

Delivery notifications

Configurable options including custom fields, field labels, and bar code scanning

Stand-alone or integrated application

Interactive map with real-time locations of drivers & activities

Mobile device management

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