What Our Customers Are Saying

“We just finished outfitting almost our entire fleet of leased vehicles with the Geotab GO devices. It’s been an awesome tool for us as far as improving efficiency. Initially most of our drivers weren’t too keen on the idea of being tracked, however we explained to everyone that it’s not so much to use as evidence of misuse, but more of a tool to improve routing efficiencies while tracking and recording vehicle maintenance and misuse. Assured Telematics has been a great asset to our company, any questions or requests we’ve had are always handled promptly which is very important to us.”

Kris Grimm, System Administrator, Southern Eagle Distributing

“An upgrade in the company’s telematics system has helped conserve fuel and dispatch vehicles more quickly and effectively when driver positions can be seen accurately in real time. Now we can see where the crews are and who’s the closest. It’s making our drivers much more efficient!”

Gary Tucker, Director of Fleet Operations, Xcel Energy

“We have been extremely impressed with the high quality of both service and data that the Assured Telematics team has provided for our company.”

Gary A. Nesbit, Director of Risk Management, Advance Auto Parts

“We love Assured Telematics. They’re easily our favorite GPS vendor rep.”

Kendra Omark, Vertical Account Manager, Verizon Wireless
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“Thank you again for all your time and knowledge. We are very grateful you have a great partner like you to lean on.”

Bryan Bigelow, Vice President, Marine Transport Inc

“We can do zone mapping, look at vehicles while on the road, inspect maintenance codes and get automatic alerts on unit conditions. This allows us to make sure vehicles are running at optimum levels. We are a leader in our industry, and we are actively changing our culture. Technology will continue to allow us to measure our efficiency improvements.”

Tim Fitzgerald, Director of Fleet Management, DC Water

“Our Telematics program has been a huge success thanks to our store managers. We have seen dramatic results since December, with per car violations for seat-belt usage decreasing by 50% and overall violations falling by awhopping 83%. Thanks to our partners at Assured Telematics.”

Mark Alcarez, Safety and Leadership Trainer, Autopart International
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“We are really happy with your product. We researched a lot of different GPS tracking companies and have found we made the right choice with Assured Telematics. Service has been great and the system is capable of everything that we were do it would do. In this day and age you don’t find that too often anymore. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!”

Shantel Gamble, Fleet Manager, Diaz Companies
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“We just wanted to say thanks for your help today. Assured Telematics opened our eyes to a whole new level of fleet monitoring. Thanks again!”

Joe Osier, Shop Manager, Marine Transport Inc.