myFleetApps Route Monitor


Discover New Ways to Improve Efficiency

About The App

myFleetApps Route Monitor, myFleetApps newest app enables customers to provide a set schedule of routes organized by day of the week, along with expected arrival and departure times within Geotab zones, via Excel/CSV files.

myFleetApps Route Monitor processes these routes and monitors the real-time activity of the fleet in Geotab before automatically assigning or matching vehicles/drivers to each route or multiple routes based on the vehicles travel patterns. The results are then transferred to a dashboard where reports can be exported and reviewed.

Dashboard items to review can include late arrivals, late departures, idle times, total fuel used, total idle fuel used, total trip time, planned vs actual, and more.  Fleet managers can now use this data to analyze routes and discover new ways to improve efficiency.

Key Features:

Organize and set schedules for driver routes based on days of the week

Monitor driver patterns in real-time

Automatically assign best suited drivers to specific routes

Monitor late arrives, late departures, idle times

Review trip times, planned vs actual and total fuel used