Build a Smarter Fleet With MyGeotab Expansion Apps

Fleet Management Apps Designed To Help You Grow Your Business With Smart Technology

Fleet telematics systems, like everything, must evolve as technology progresses and companies grow. Custom-made telematic solutions are the hallmark of our business. Assured Telematics Inc. uniquely provides a powerful service to ensure customer solutions are expandable as needs change — a convenient website where you can find all the technology you need to grow your fleet with confidence. With instant upgrades and continual support, automating your fleet management responsibilities has never been easier. Contact us to begin app integration and setup.

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Devices in Zone

Lists or prints all vehicles within a selected zone for easy identification of garage maintenance or idle vehicles in the yard.

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Location Proximity

Creates travel heat maps showing where vehicles are spending their time, pointing out heavy routes and popular customer sites.

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Proximity XL

Gathers logs of all vehicles that were within a zone (or near an address) over a period for unprecedented visibility around locations.

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Odometer Reader

Determines which vehicles are properly reading the odometer from the ECM, identifying mechanical and other faults.

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Distinguishes and tracks true unplug events from bad connections to malfunctioning hardware, ensuring proper device use.

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Tracks the fleet location during use, allowing immediate visibility of over or under-utilized stores, helping evenly apply fleet assets.

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Event Coordinator

Real-time video collection with integrated cellular camera and Geotab. Actively monitors exception events such as harsh driving, speeding, or accidents and records video and pictures of those events. The video and pictures are searchable along with the exceptions for coaching sessions which allows for a full visualization of events.  Video and pictures on demand!

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Telogis Route

Allow seamless integration of real time traffic movement with Telogis Route for advance route optimization. Discover the most cost effective means to meet your customers needs. Define territories, publish routes and even plan tomorrow’s jobs to further optimize your fleet’s efficiency, all from one convenient interface. 

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Asset Tracker

Keep tabs on all your assets with our Asset Tracker Solution. Not just for vehicles, this wireless mobile tracking device and monitoring gateway is perfect for equipment and other valuable and/or remote assets. With the self-sufficient ability to charge via solar power, there’s no need to fuss over batteries or external power sources. Simple attach and track!

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Handsfree’s mission is to help clients manage their fleet more safely and efficiently by providing the right combination of high quality products and installation services. Our goal is to exceed client expectations and deliver an excellent service that provides real value. Each member of the Handsfree team strives for exceptional performance while establishing strong and lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

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How It Works

Our telematic expansion apps integrate directly with our vehicle tracking devices. By using a open software platform combined with dependable GPS tracking hardware, we are able to build customized solutions that cover your fleets needs on a modular basis. With seamless back-office integration, simplified data reporting and a wide variety of expansion options, our goal is to help you manage your fleet in the most effective and convenient way possible.

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