Don’t Just Manage Your Fleet, Optimize it!

With Custom Fleet Management Solutions For Fleets Large and Small

Fleet operations are under constant pressure to be more efficient while maintaining high industry standards – a challenge given today’s rising fuel costs, dynamic road conditions, costly vehicle downtime, and questionable driver practices.

Assured Telematics Inc., is a leading services company in GPS fleet management, providing customized, cost-effective fleet optimization solutions to companies large and small. Our customers benefit from customized solutions on standardized platforms, integration with dozens of back-office services like SAP, and the ability to extend system capabilities over time with downloadable apps. What’s more, Assured Telematics Inc. creates solutions that transform complex system data into easily digestible reports, immediately useful for improving operational efficiencies.


How It Works

Assured Telematics Inc. creates customized solutions based around a unique GPS vehicle-tracking device called the GO9 from Geotab. We use Geotab’s trusted and dependable hardware to meet the individual needs of each customer, giving our users the advantages of a tailored solution with the benefits of a widely accessible and versatile platform. Our wide selection of fleet management applications, combined with personalized fleet consulting and Geotab’s GO9 device, help make your fleet management responsibilities simplified and automated. Assured Telematics Inc. focuses on continual technological development to safeguard customer investments for years to come.

Whether your fleet is large or small, we’re confident we can help you take full control of your fleet through the use of Assured Telematics Inc. Because the hardware utilized in our solutions is built upon an expandable platform, we can offer a diverse selection of third-party integration options. This means the data available to you, goes far beyond GPS data. Track tire pressure, cargo temperature, monitor camera systems, ensure hour of service (HOS) compliance and so much more. 

Geotab GO9 Device

The GO9 Device

The next generation fleet tracking device from Geotab is built to support your fleet now and as it grows. Connect to the platform that helps you reduce fleet costs, increase productivity and efficiency, improve safety, and strengthen compliance.

The Geotab GO9 is redesigned from the ground up and built to support the needs of your fleet now and into the future.

Features include:

  • Highly accurate GPS vehicle tracking
  • Engine and battery health assessments
  • In-vehicle driver coaching
  • Advanced vehicle data capture
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module
  • Extended capabilities related to electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Built-in auto-calibrating accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Powerful new 32-bit processor
  • And more!

Asset Tracking

Keeping track of your fleet resources and mobile assets can be an ongoing challenge. Assured Telematics Inc. gives fleet managers an at-a-glance map of all of their assets, and an easy to configure alert system to monitor asset sensors such as load presence, fuel levels, and cargo temperature. Our low-cost solution makes it practical to track anything from trucks and trailers, to containers and carts. Determine how your assets are being used and recover them when they go missing.

Seemless Integration

Integration with existing back-office software is critical to maximizing the benefits of fleet management systems. The Assured Telematics Inc. team has decades of telematics software experience, and a multitude of integration partners to ensure telematics systems and back-office programs work smoothly together with one another. We eliminate the manual effort of mining data, ensure the immediacy of information, and reduce the chance of integration troubles.

Event Coordination

Fleets often install components in a piecemeal fashion; this disjointed configuration makes it difficult to get the most out of your hardware investment. The Assured Telematics Inc. event coordinator integrates telematics data and GPS vehicle tracking with collision-avoidance technology and recorded video, using this data to provide real-time safety alerts for drivers, provide protection against fraudulent claims, and improve overall fleet operational efficiencies.

Integration Options

Ask us about other integration options.